At 5:40 a.m. on August 14th, 2023, someone at the CBC Edmonton mail room signed to receive the 4-page registered letter seen below.
(Click on it to read the full pdf)
I included my mailing address, phone number, and I stapled my website card to the front of the letter
Ten days later, hearing nothing back, I sent another copy.

So far, I've heard nothing back.
What could be the reason for the deafening silence? That I come across as someone who's slightly unhinged? Or as a populist in sheep's clothing?
Or maybe it's because the book Changing Maps not only criticizes government; it also criticizes the current state of journalism and the media. For example, go back to that 11x14 sheet I was handing out to folks back in 1997. On the back-side, we see this:

...and this:

These quotes were written in 1995, but have there been any significant changes since then?