May 5, 2016.
Disaster on a continental scale if terrorists get at our electrical grid. Part 2.


April 7, 2016.
Disaster on a continental scale if terrorists get at our electrical grid.


March 10, 2016.
Adjusted climate data...why?


February 26, 2016.
The anti-science letters pour in, in response to an upcoming carbon tax.


January 7, 2016.
A reply to another one of Jim Sutherland's anti-science rants.


April 9, 2015. Alberta versus Norway
(spending versus saving)


May 7, 2015.
A short bit of history on global cooling
(who comes up with these titles?)


March 5, 2015. Steady State Economies (Part 2)


February 5, 2015. Steady State Economies (Part 1)


January 15, 2015. Who is smarter? Margaret Wente or John Stuart Mill?
(a second look at Reverend Malthus)


December 11, 2014. The oil price drop of late 2014.


November 13, 2014. What is a Citizens' Assembly?


October 16, 2014.
Alberta's new Premier on climate change.


September 11, 2014.
The mechanism which accelerates sea level rise.


August 28, 2014. The mad scramble to develop the Tar Sands
(and the resulting infrastructure deficit).


July 17, 2014.
More misinformation from Bill Greenwood.


June 12, 2014. The ecological value of Castor Canadensis.


May 15, 2014. The Pembina Institute and its views on the Tar Sands.


April 17, 2014.
Why was it so damn cold this winter?


March 20, 2014. More thoughts on high speed rail
between Calgary and Edmonton.


Feb 13, 2014. More thoughts on overpopulation.


Jan 16, 2014. What is a climate "tipping point"?
And how soon will it come?.


Dec 12, 2013. "The climate has always been changing. So what?"
A short lesson in paleoclimatology.


Nov 14, 2013. The logic deficits of Anthony Watts.
And the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study.


Oct 17, 2013. The logic deficits of Elizabeth Nickson.


Aug 15, 2013. "human appropriation of net primary productivity"
(or "are we eating ourselves out of house and home?")


July 11, 2013. New data on how easy (or difficult) it is to get tar out of the ground and refined.


Jun 13, 2013. The logic deficits of
Also: Ocean heating and the effects of volcanoes, La Nina's and the sun on our climate.


May 23, 2013. How the jetstream and the melting arctic are related to our increasingly weird weather.


May 9, 2013. The ethical deficit of the Heartland Institute.
Also: the tiny minority of climate scientists who think that we have nothing to worry about.


Feb 21, 2013. The extent of the Harper government's inaction on climate change.


Jan 10, 2013. The anti-science ramblings of the American Public Works Association.


Oct 25, 2012. Should we leave some in the ground for the grandchildren?


Sep 12, 2012.


Aug 8, 2012. 3 trillion barrels of oil in the U.S.? Really?


May 24, 2012. The debate on climate change. Debate with the ideologues versus debate with the scientists.


Apr 25, 2012. "100 years of natural gas"? Really?


Mar 28, 2012. Review of an excellent book on "climategate"


Feb 29, 2012. A step by step guide to writing an anti-science article.


Jan 25, 2012. CO2 is a significant greenhouse gas (DUH!)


Sep 2, 2011. Another book review on the Tar Sands.


Jan 25, 2011. "Energy Returned on Energy Invested" (a key concept with peak oil and gas)


Dec 15, 2010. Arctic warming brings colder continental weather events


Date unknown. The real environmental issues relating to old versus new cars.


Dec 1, 2010.


Nov 17, 2010. Two book reviews on the Tar Sands.


Nov 3, 2010. Deliberative Democracy is the real keystone to Sustainability


Oct 20, 2010. Ideology versus Facts


Oct 6, 2010. Wood acetylation used as preservative (and a BIG BEAUTIFUL wooden bridge)


Sep. 8, 2010


Aug 18, 2010. Sceptics versus Deniers on the topic of Climate Change


Aug 11, 2010.


July 14, 2010. Science versus proof


June 30, 2010.


June 16, 2010. Science and religion


Jun. 2, 2010. The Gulf Oil disaster only told half the story about deep ocean drilling.


May 19, 2010. Fee and dividend system for reducing greenhouse gases (versus cap and trade)


March 10, 2010. Heavier snowfalls and more flooding as predicted by climate scientists.


Feb 24, 2010. Climate change throughout history.


Feb 10, 2010. Misinformation from Bill Greenwood.


date unknown. The real story behind "climategate".


Nov. 4, 2009.


Oct 21, 2009. Get used to wild swings in natural gas prices.


October 7, 2009.


September 23, 2009. The global supply of cheap crude oil is drying up.


September 9, 2009.


Aug 12, 2009. Cap and trade versus carbon tax.


July 29, 2009.


April 8, 2009. The real cause of recessions is high energy prices. Get used to it.


Jan 28, 2009. U.S.G.S. on a possible reversal of the Gulf Stream


August 13, 2008. Speculation has very little to do with high energy prices. Get used to it.


July 9, 2008. General overview of the economics associated with the tar sands.


date unknown. U.S.G.S. on a possible catastrophic release of methane from tundra and other sources.


November 5, 2008. The dangers of urban sprawl.


date unknown. U.S.G.S. on a possible catastrophic rise in sea levels.


date unknown U.S.G.S. on a possible catastrophic drought


Sep 8, 2008.


July 30, 2008. The role of feedback loops in climate change.




date unknown. Problems and possible solutions for tar sands development.


date unknown. The technology and economics of shale gas.


date unknown. Home retrofits, Part 1


date unknown. Home retrofits, Part 2