Below is the 11x14 sheet (front and back) containing the most remarkable quotes from the book Changing Maps.
I handed the sheets out as I cycled -- yes, bicycled -- from Edmonton to Ottawa a quarter of a century ago,
in a futile attempt to give a copy of the book to Jean Chretien.

Given that we're even more screwed today than we were then,
I'm going to have to make another attempt...



You might think that a book written more than a quarter-century ago
might have nothing to say to us
who are living in an age of alternative facts,
the dark web, cancel culture, and Donald Trump.
But think again.
Here are some quotes from the first few pages:
"The information characterized by a vast increase in information availability
(along with greater overload, filtering and denial)..." p.7
"...the disintegrative effects that the information society appears to have
on established instruments and practices of governing,
and on the crisis in governance that results." p.10
" becomes more important, and more difficult, to develop common perceptions,
shared agendas, and images of the world
within which people with different interests and values
can work together and innovate." p.11
If you're still unconvinced,
all you have to do is combine Changing Maps
with any or all of the more recent
(and relevant)
books seen below.