Jason Kenney
Can he pull a rabbit out of a hat?

Can he unify the Wild Rose party and the PC's?
Oh, maybe...probably...sure...whatever.
Can the resulting party win the next election?
Oh, maybe...probably...sure...whatever.
Those questions are irrelevant. What we should be asking is: can the resulting party fix our broken economy?
Guess what, folks: there's no going back to the glory days, when it was easy to piss away a decade or two of pay-checks, and then start over. That's because bitumen is fundamentally different than conventional oil. It's harder to pull out of the ground; it's harder to transport; and it's harder to refine. According to Oil Sands Magazine, the break-even global price for new projects up north ranges from $60 to $75 per barrel of oil. Right now (April 3, 2017), the price is $50.
Have a look at the following graphs, which tell the bitter story.
EROI is energy return on investment, which translates into:
conventional oil = liquid gold
oilsands = expensive tar-like muck


Isn't it nice to know that if we were half as smart as the Norwegians, we'd have a trillion dollars in the bank right now? (that's about $240,000 for every man, woman and child in Alberta). But instead, we have Joe Ceci and multi-billion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. All because we started figuratively pissing on Peter Lougheed's grave the moment we put Don Getty (and all the other clowns) in charge.
And we can't really blame the clowns, can we? After all, we voted them in. We are the clowns.
Where does that leave us? It leaves us in a democracy that's only marginally less disfunctional than the one which sits just below our southern border. What's the solution?
The solution is based on an acknowledgement that our democracy and our culture needs some fixing. And part of that involves you and "Deliberative Democracy". To see what else I have up my sleeve, click on the DD icon over on the left.

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